OCM Testimonials
These programs have definitely influenced me academically. They have given me the confidence to continue my education and taught me a lot of other things along the way.
OCM Testimonials
- Shemeka, College Opportunity Program graduate

Planned Giving Testimony

by Edward Dulaney

Years ago my wife and I attended the Outreach Community Center’s Spring Banquet. There, a quiet “inner” voice moved us to contribute, as we wanted to help sustain the Center’s work among local families. We decided to faithfully contribute a set amount each month, and that continues to this day.

More recently, that inner voice spoke again, this time under very difficult circumstances. My wife was dying of cancer. When she passed away, I had to answer the question: “Where should we establish a memorial? The church? Our college? The American Cancer Society? All wonderful institutions in their own right. But there was only one place both of us wanted funds in her memory to go—Outreach Community Ministries. So, an endowed scholarship fund was established: The Denise Dulaney Scholarship Fund.  Her legacy would be helping those in need through this critical assistance to deserving students.
If your “inner voice” is prodding you to do something more, I ask you to consider leaving a similar legacy. You may establish an endowed fund such as ours, or you can use effective gift planning to create a legacy beyond your lifetime. OCM has established important work among our neighbors. Gifts of endowed funds, given directly or through a means such as a bequest, will allow OCM to continue to serve future generations who will benefit from your commitment. Will you listen when that still, small, stirring voice—your “inner voice”—speaks? It counts—and it matters to local families—when you do.