OCM Testimonials
Outreach has opened a light and allowed me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.
OCM Testimonials
- Lana, Transitions graduate

Case Management

Case Management is the process of assessing the needs of an individual or family, and when appropriate, facilitating services to meet those specific needs. At WYO, our Case Management Program exists to help Wheaton and Glen Ellyn residents facing a financial crisis access any and all community assistance for which they are eligible. 

When an individual or family is living on a limited income, a sudden crisis or unforeseen event can result in an inability to meet monthly expenses. With the aim of preventing homelessness, a WYO case manager will meet with a client, assess the financial need, and determine if there are government monies for which the client might be eligible. In addition to financial assistance, the case manager may refer a client to other resources that may help meet their physical or emotional needs.